Chemistry & Laboratory


Chemistry and Laboratory studies the characteristics of substances and the changes they undergo when they are mixed one with another. Chemistry uses this new information to prepare new substances of value to us. It is involoved in some way with almost everything we do or use. It is central to most of science and technology, blending at one extreme into Physics, Mathematics and Engineering. 

Chemical Laboratory Technology combines a laboratory orientation with a broad theoretical background to provide participants with the skills needed to work alongside professional chemists in a wide range of Industrial Organizations. These training courses focused on chemistry & laboratory techniques and modern chemical instrumentation enables graduates to adapt to exciting technological advances in chemistry.

Other courses that could be provided as In-House or Public Training:
  • Chemical Analysis and Laboratory Problem Remedy
  • Analytical Instrumentation for Laboratory & Process Control
  • Applied Cathodic Protection Engineering 
  • Boiler Water Chemistry & Treatment
  • Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Enginers
  • Chemical Additives in Oil & Gas Fields
  • Corrosion, Metallurgy & Prevention Failures
  • Laboratory Quality Management & Startegies
  • Gas Chromatograph Troubleshooting & Method Development
  • Water Chemistry and Treatment for Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Managing and Operating Industrial Laboratory Regulations & Procedures
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Awareness, Implementation & Internal Audit
  • Drinking Water Treatment Principles & Practices
  • Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures
  • Philosophy of Corrosion Engineering: Monitoring, Inspection & Control
  • Chemical Handling and Dealing with HAZARD Materials
  • Cathodic Protection Selection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  •  Laboratory Report Writing Techniques
  • Pre-Treatment, Membrane Fouling and Scaling in RO Plant
  • Industrial Wastewater Chemistry and Treatment Process
  • Corrosion Engineering, Inspection & Control
  • Power Plant Chemistry & Treatment for Operators
  • Water Chemistry & Treatment for Industrail Use
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