Petrochemicals Industries


Petrochemical Industry training programs are aimed at improving the delegates’ knowledge and understanding of the various principles of operation involved in producing, handling and processing hydrocarbons and associated fluids. They will learn a lot of knowledge and skills and contributing towards safe, efficient and economic operation of plant and equipments. 

Petrochemical Training courses cover the whole value chain, from refined products to polymers and plastic processing. Our courses are continually evolving, ensuring the most timely topics are covered and that course attendees are fully informed of the key issues facing the industry.


Training courses that could be provided as In-House or Public Training:

  • Understanding the Global Petrochemical Industry 
  • Petrochemical Industry Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Thermoplastics
  • Understanding Petrochemicals made from Biomass
  • Fundamentals of Renewables
  • Introduction to Monetizing Shale Gas
  • Natural Gas and Coal in Petrochemicals
  • Understanding NGL Feedstock Economics
  • Fundamentals of LPG Markets
  • Supply/Demand and Price Forecasting
  • Fundamentals of Refining Economics
  • Naphtha and Condensates Workshop
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