Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering deals with the application of Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism. The field now covers a range of sub-disciplines including those that deal with Power, Optoelctronics, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Control Systems, Eletronics, Signal Processing and Telecommunications.

It is also considered to deal with the problems associated with large-scale Electrical Systems such as Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution then Control System. Electrical Engineers are usually concerned with using Electricity to transmit energy, while Electronic Engineers are concerned with using Electricity to process information. More recently, the distinction has become blurred by the growth of Power Electronics. 


Training  Courses that could be provided as In-House or Public Training:

  • AC Drives Applications and Maintenance
  • Active & Reactive Power Balance and Sharing
  • Automated Metering Technology and Applications
  • Capacitor Banks in Electrical Distribution Network
  • Electrical Network Automation & Control
  • Electrical Safety for Electrical Utlities
  • Electrical System Restoration, and Imlementation Strategies
  • Electrical Wiring Regulation, Installation and Inspection
  • Gas Insulated Substation and Equipment
  • Grounding & Bonding of Electrical System
  • HV & MV Cables, Termination, Inspection and Maintenance
  • HV & MV Substation Design, Testing & Maintenance
  • HV Equipments, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Load Dispatch Center Application with Hands-On Exercises
  • Load Flow Analysis & Short Circuit Calculation
  • Load Forecasting & System Upgrade
  • Managing & Control Power Loses in Electrical Distribution Network
  • Modern Power System Protective Relayes
  • PLC & SCADA for Automation & Process Control
  • Power Cable Testing and Fault Location Analysis
  • Power System during Emergency Blackouts
  • Power System Operation, Monitoring & Control
  • Power System Quality Analysis & Problem Solving
  • Power System Stability and Control
  • Power Transformer Assessment, Testing & Maintenance
  • Protective Relays Application in Electrical Networks
  • Protective Relays for Power System
  • SCADA & EMS for Power System Dispatch Center
  • Transformer Failure Analysis Techniques & Troubleshooting
  • Transmission & Distribution Lines & Accessories
  • UPS Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Voltage and Frequency Dynamics & Control
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