Leadership & Management


Among all of the necessary priorities for business survival and ongoing success, the importance of leadership training cannot be overestimated. Regardless of the size or structure of your business. This is one of the fundamental reasons why more businesses and corporations are turning to professional workshops and seminars to teach their managers proper leadership skills. Effective management and leadership goes far beyond the technical aspects of the position and there are some key skills that will determine a strong leader.

When a business accesses a professional training agency for the supervisory and leadership staff they are basically ensuring the greater productivity of their company. There are some extremely fundamental skills that are taught at these workshops and effective communication is one of them. Other important leadership skills are based on team atmosphere creation, delegation and conflict management. 

Training  Courses that could be provided as In-House or Public Training:
  • Enhancing Technical Supervisory Skills
  • Employee Motivation in Industry Envornment
  • Estimating, Budgeting & Value Engineering Skills
  • Effective Team Building in Technical Workplace
  • Managing and leading Technical Organization Strategy
  • Essential Supervisory Skills for Performance Excellence
  • Transformational Leadership for Engineering Professionals
  • Managing Conflict, Change and Handling Difficult People
  • Critical Thinking & Innovation for Engineers
  • Improving Professional Skills for Administration Staffs
  • Business Process Re-Engineering & Improving Productivity
  • Strategic business Planning and Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques for Leaders
  • Effctive Communication Skills for Technical Professionals
  • Managing Stress and Pressure at Work Environment
  • Effective Time Management Techniques
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Data Analysis for Operation & Management Team
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership  
  • Strategic Planning Essentials Executing Succss
  • Striving to Operational Excellence for Industrial Facilities
  • 10 Essential Skills for Successful Management 
  • Tools to set Priorities and Make Decisions under Prssure
  • Training Needs Analysis & HR Benchmarking
  • Work Improvement and Performance Excellence
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques for Leaders
  • Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker
  • Motivating, Managing & Leading Teams
  • Managing Outsourced Manpower Contractors 
  • Planning and Managing Corporate Training Processes
  • Managing Conflic, Handling Difficult People & Change
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