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Code Course Title DurationStarting Date
EE - 01 HV & MV Circuit Breakers Inspection, Testing & Maintenance 05 days3-Jan
EE - 02Electrical Faults, Causes, Detection & Remedies05 days3-Jan
EE - 03Power System Reliability & Security05 days10-Jan
EE - 04Grounding, Bonding, Lightning & Surge Protection for Electrical Network05 days10-Jan
EE - 05Reactive Power - Microgrids & Nanogrids05 days17-Jan
EE - 06Electrical Drawing Interpretation & Applications05 days17-Jan
EE - 07Commissioning, Testing & Start-Up of Electrical Substation05 days24-Jan
EE - 08Electrical Distribution Network Automation & Management Systems05 days24-Jan
EE - 09Power Cable Failure Analysis & Investigation Techniques 05 days31-Jan
EE - 10Electrical Circuit Drawings & Wiring Diagram Regulation05 days7-Feb
EE - 11Applied Protection Techniques & Devices in Power Systems05 days7-Feb
EE - 12Power Transformer Condition Assessment & Life Span Extension05 days7-Feb
EE - 13Protection & Relay Setting for Electrical Power System Elements05 days14-Feb
EE - 14Motors and Variable Frequency Drives (Maintenance & Troubleshooting) 03 days14-Feb
EE - 15Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers05 days21-Feb
EE - 16Troubleshooting Matrix Applications of Electrical Equipment & Control Circuits05 days28-Feb
EE - 17Certified Electrical Inspector05 days28-Feb
EE - 18SCADA/EMS for Power System Dispatch Center05 days7-Mar
EE - 19Voltage Control Regulation in Transmission & Distribution Network05 days7-Mar
EE - 20Energy Planning: Fuel Optimization, Renewables & Reliability Standards05 days14-Mar
EE - 21Electrical Fault Diagnosis & Preventing Cascading Blackouts05 days14-Mar
EE - 22Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Smart Grid05 days17-Mar
EE - 23Diesel Engine Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting05 days17-Mar
EE - 24Tariff for Energy Supply with Power Purchasing Agreement (Advanced Level)05 days21-Mar
EE - 25Electrical Wiring & Single Line Diagram05 days21-Mar
EE - 26Electrical Load and Energy Forecasting, Planning & Demand Side Management05 days28-Mar
EE - 27Electrical Switchgears Safe Operation & Failure Analysis05 days4-Apr
EE - 28Capacitors and Shunt Reactors: Operation & Troubleshooting05 days4-Apr
EE - 29ARC Flash Hazard Analysis: Impact, Control & Safety05 days11-Apr
EE - 30Load Flow & Optimum Operation Strategies of Power System05 days11-Apr
EE - 31Grounding, Bonding, Lightning & Surge Protection of Utilities & Industries05 days25-Apr
EE - 32Certified HV/MV Cable Splicing, Jointing, Termination & Inspection (Workshop)05 days25-Apr
EE - 33Overhead Transmission Lines Inspection & Maintenance Techniques05 days9-May
EE - 34Advanced Protection Coordination in Distribution System05 days9-May
EE - 35Circuit Breakers & Switchgear Maintenance and Troubleshooting05 days16-May
EE - 36UPS System & Battery Chargers: Maintenance & Troubleshooting 05 days23-May
EE - 37Planning & Operating Electricity Grids with Variable Renewable Generation 05 days6-Jun
EE - 38Electrical Switchgear Inspection, Maintenance & Repair 05 days13-Jun
EE - 39Operating Electrical Distribution Equipment & Asset Optimization05 days13-Jun
EE - 40Transients, Surges and Faults in Power Systems05 days20-Jun
EE - 41Energy Conservation & Demand Side Load Management05 days27-Jun
EE - 42Transformer Operational Principles, Selection & Troubleshooting05 days4-Jul
EE - 43Electrical Equipment Care & Condition Monitoring Management 05 days4-Jul
EE - 44Power System Analysis Using ETAP Power Station (Advanced Level)05 days11-Jul
EE - 45Managing & Controlling Power Losses in Electrical Distribution Network05 days11-Jul
EE - 46Understanding Voltage Stability & Power Transmission Capability05 days18-Jul
EE - 47Electrical Distribution Network: Engineering, Design & Planning Techniques05 days18-Jul
EE - 48Smart Grid Development, Operation & Control based on VSC-HVDC Techniques05 days25-Jul
EE - 49Electrical Motors and Drives: Protection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting 05 days25-Jul
EE - 50Electrical Drawings & Schematic Layouts05 days1-Aug
EE - 51Reactive Power Management & Power Factor Correction05 days1-Aug
EE - 52OES 27 132/33 KV Substations 05 days8-Aug
EE - 53Economic Dispatch & Grid Stability Constraints in Power System05 days8-Aug
EE - 54Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas & Safe Handling Operation 05 days15-Aug
EE - 55Distribution Power Transformers Maintenance, Protection & Troubleshooting05 days15-Aug
EE - 56Circuit Breakers and Switchgear, Specification, Testing & Maintenance05 days22-Aug
EE - 57Certified Electrical Safety & Competency Assessment 03 days29-Aug
EE - 58Electrical Utility Communications, Applications & Smart Grid Technologies05 days5-Sep
EE - 59Power System Operation, Monitoring & Control (Hands-On Training)05 days5-Sep
EE - 60Oil Type Transformer Testing & Analysis 05 days12-Sep
EE - 61Power System Restoration Strategy during Emergency & Blackout05 days19-Sep
EE - 62Load Flow Analysis, Short Circuit Calculations & Protection Coordination 05 days19-Sep
EE - 63Overhead Power line Maintenance Patrolling and Washing05 days26-Sep
EE - 64Electrical Wiring Installation & Inspection Procedure05 days26-Sep
EE - 65Wide Area Measurements System (WAMS) Implementation05 days3-Oct
EE - 66HV & MV Substation Design, Testing, & Maintenance05 days3-Oct
EE - 67Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers05 days10-Oct
EE - 68Understanding Electricity Market Regulations & Economic Regulatory Analysis05 days10-Oct
EE - 69Testing & Troubleshooting Fiber Optics Installations (Workshop)05 days17-Oct
EE - 70Power System Harmonics: Causes, Effects & Controls 05 days24-Oct
EE - 71Overhead Transmission Line Engineering Using PLS CADD (Hands-On)05 days24-Oct
EE - 72Substation Earthing Design, Installation and Improvement05 days7-Nov
EE - 73Load Dispatch Center Applications with Hands-On Exercises 05 days7-Nov
EE - 74Optimal Control of Static VAR Compensators in Power System05 days14-Nov
EE - 75Electricity Market and Energy Economic and Strategic Planning05 days14-Nov
EE - 76Understanding Excitation System in Power Plant Generators05 days21-Nov
EE - 77Harmonics In Power Transmission System05 days21-Nov
EE - 78Distribution RMU's Inspection, Maintenance Engineering Strategy 05 days28-Nov
EE - 79Power System Automation: Communication, Protection & Control 05 days28-Nov
EE - 80High Voltage Switching Safety, Operations and Maintenance 05 days5-Dec
EE - 81Electrical Energy Saving in Industrial & Commercial Utilities 05 days5-Dec
EE - 82Electrical Power Quality: Monitoring, Analysis & Mitigation05 days5-Dec
EE - 83Modern Power System Protective Relaying 05 days12-Dec
EE - 84Electrical Fault Analysis: Causes, Detection & Remedies05 days12-Dec
EE - 85Power System Quality & Stability05 days12-Dec
EE - 86Electrical System Restoration, Methodologies & Implementation Strategies 05 days12-Dec
EE - 87Distribution Control Center (DCC) Applications : Hands-On Exercises 05 days19-Dec
EE - 88Electrical Fault Investigation, Analysis & Diagnosis 05 days19-Dec
EE - 89Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting Matrix Investigation, Analysis & Diagnosis 05 days26-Dec
EE - 90IEC Standards: Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Substation 05 days26-Dec

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